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December 04, 2017
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Finding out you're pregnant is exciting, and the doctors at Capital Women's Care in Rockville and serving the Montgomery County area, pregnancyknow this. That's why they like to set milestones. It's a great way to monitor the health of the mother and baby.

Preconception Counseling

Preconception counseling helps doctors create a comprehensive treatment plan for you and your baby. The Rockville and Montgomery County area doctors will go over your family's medical history to identify risk factors and/or pre-existing medical conditions for your specialized treatment plan. They will also adjust any medications you're already taking, recommend routine tests and provide vitamin supplements prior to conception.

Trimester 1

There is a list to complete in order to start out your pregnancy experience smooth sailing:

  • A standardized panel of lab work and tests
  • Ultrasound exam to confirm pregnancy viability and confirm due date
  • Specialized screening tests such as genetic testing.
  • Answering any questions you may have about prenatal care

Trimester 2

The second trimester involves the following tests and exciting news:

  • A 20-week ultrasound, to monitor the baby’s development and a look at the baby’s gender.
  • A discussion about prenatal classes and classes on how to care for your newborn.
  • Another set of labs including a screen for gestational diabetes that should be conducted between 24 and 28 weeks.
  • Registering at the hospital for your delivery and looking into pediatricians if you don’t already have one.

Trimester 3

The bundle of joy is on their way and that means more visits to our office. During the third trimester we will:

  • Review the precautions you need to take and when to call us with any symptoms or problems.
  • Do another routine test of Group B Strep culture.
  • Evaluate your cervix as your due date nears.
  • Discuss your delivery plans for anesthesia among other concerns you might have.

For more information on Obstetrics and pregnancy care in the Rockville, MD and Montgomery County area call Capital Women's Care at (301) 569-6301

October 02, 2017
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Please join us in welcoming Doctor Adam Footer to our team on October 2nd!

By Capital Women's Care
October 02, 2017
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Women’s health is a complicated and important facet of medicine. Receiving an abnormal pap smear result can seem scary. However, it ispap smear important to know and understand what these results mean. Find out about pap smears, abnormal results, and keeping up with your gynecological health with Dr. Eric Ashkin, Dr. Aliya Poshni, and Dr. Leslie Masiky at Capital Women’s Care in Rockville, MD.

Why is a well woman examination important? 
The most important aspect of a well woman examination is the prevention of future issues. A pap smear, performed during a well woman examination, takes a sample of cells from the cervix and is the leading cervical cancer prevention available. Your doctor tests the cells for abnormalities. An abnormal pap smear means that the results of the testing have found cells which are not normal, healthy cells. An abnormal pap smear does not mean that you have cervical cancer.

What does an abnormal pap smear mean? 
Often, abnormal cells are a result of the human papilloma virus, or HPV. These cells are linked to cervical cancer, allowing doctors to catch and treat this condition early at its most curable stages. Abnormal pap smear results can also occur due to infections caused by yeast or bacteria, treatable conditions which are usually nothing to worry about. Abnormal pap smear results in women going through menopause could be simply because their cells have changed due to age.

Pap Smear in Rockville, MD 
According to the United States Office on Women’s Health, women from the ages of 21-29 should have a pap smear every three years. Women between 30-64 should have a pap smear and HPV test every five years. Additionally, women with immune system problems coinciding with chemotherapy, steroid use, or other issues, those who have had cervical cancer, or women who are HIV-positive should have more frequent pap smears. Consult with your doctor to determine how often you should have a pap smear.

For more information on abnormal pap smears or to schedule your well woman examination, please contact Dr. Ashkin, Dr. Poshni, and Dr. Masiky at Capital Women’s Care in Rockville, MD. Call (301) 569-6301 to schedule your appointment with your gynecologist today!

By Capital Women's Care
July 26, 2017
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Discover the benefits of the da Vinci robotic system for performing gynecological surgeries.robotic surgery

While a lot of women will experience abdominal pain at some point during their lifetime, there are some women who deal with such persistent and painful abdominal discomfort that it greatly impacts their lives. Our Rockville, MD, OBGYNs Dr. Eric Ashkin, Dr. Aliya Poshni and Dr. Leslie Masiky are here to tell you how robotic surgery could improve your feminine health and quality of life.

When you find out you need surgery it’s easy to be worried about the invasiveness of the procedure, the obvious incision scar and the drawn-out recovery period. Fortunately, our Rockville, MD, gynecologists remove all of these concerns by offering da Vinci surgery, a minimally invasive procedure that makes significantly smaller incisions and offers an array of other benefits that traditional surgical techniques cannot.

When is the da Vinci robotic system used?

This revolutionary surgical device is often used for hysterectomies (to remove the uterus), to treat endometriosis (a condition that causes the tissue of the uterus to grow in other nearby regions), to remove fibroids or to treat pelvic prolapse. When you come in for a consultation, we will be able to determine whether your condition will require surgery or not and whether the da Vinci system is the best approach. Surgery is not typically the first course of action; however, we will recommend the da Vinci robotic surgery if nonsurgical treatment options haven’t properly managed your symptoms.

What are the benefits of the da Vinci robotic system?

This system is robotic-assisted, which means that our gynecologist will be in control of the device throughout your surgery. With this system, our gynecologists are able to offer a more accurate and precise surgery. Robotics allows our doctors to get into more difficult areas that may be more challenging manually. This device also offers other wonderful benefits that traditional surgery just can’t including:

  • Shorter recovery period
  • Fewer post-surgical side effects (e.g. less bleeding)
  • Less risk of complications
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Less visible incision scars

Dealing with unexplained pelvic pain? Are you interested in learning about the da Vinci robotic system? Then it’s time you turned to Capital Women’s Care in Rockville, MD, for the care you deserve to live a pain-free life.

By Capital Women's Care
June 20, 2017
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Pregnancy can significantly alter your diet; foods you would normally avoid sound irresistible, while a mere mention of your favorite pregnancy, dietfoods might turn your stomach. But since what you eat has a direct affect on your baby, the OB-GYN staff at Capital Women's Care in Rockville, Maryland, encourage all expectant mothers to maintain a healthy diet. Below, Dr. Eric Ashkin, Dr. Aliya Poshni, and Dr. Leslie Masiky explain what women should eat - and what they should avoid - during their pregnancies.

Basic guidelines

During your pregnancy, it may be tempting to "eat for two," as the saying goes. But your Rockville doctors advise against this method, as unnecessary weight gain and calories can have an impact on your baby's health as well as yours. Instead, maintain a healthful diet with lots of protein from sources like lean meats, nuts, and low-mercury fish. Combining iron with vitamin C helps absorption and compensates for the increased blood supply in your body. Folic acid is also extremely important, as it can help prevent the fetus from developing neurological problems. Prenatal supplements can help boost these vital nutrients.

For gestational diabetes

Some pregnant women develop a condition called gestational diabetes, a condition in which the body stops metabolizing glucose, or blood sugar, properly. This causes elevated levels of blood glucose which can be passed along to their unborn baby, potentially resulting in unnecessarily large birth weight, respiratory problems and other complications following birth. Women who are gestationally diabetic should work closely with their Rockville OB-GYN throughout their pregnancy to maintain a diet that allows the body to compensate for higher blood sugar levels; eating several small meals throughout the day that are high in fiber but low in carbohydrates, especially simple sugars, is highly recommended.

Other considerations

During pregnancy, some foods and drinks should be eaten only in moderation or avoided completely. You can still enjoy your morning coffee, for example, but your Rockville obstetrician recommends limiting your caffeine intake to 200 milligrams a day, which is equal to about two 6-ounce cups of coffee. Lunchmeat, unpasteurized cheese or undercooked seafood (such as raw sushi) puts you at risk for serious bacterial infections, which can be passed along to your unborn baby.

If you're pregnant or trying to conceive, we can give you more information about the best choices you can make for yourself and your unborn baby during pregnancy. Contact Capital Women's Care in Rockville, Maryland, to make an appointment with one of our caring, skilled providers: Dr. Eric Ashkin, Dr. Aliya Poshni, or Dr. Leslie Masiky.

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