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By Capital Women's Care
July 25, 2016
Category: OBGYN
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Find out why you should avoid tobacco and alcohol consumption while pregnant.

If you just recently found out you are pregnant, congratulations! This is an exciting time and you’re probably working to make some pregnancy riskslifestyle changes now that you know you are pregnant. From the office of our Rockville gynecologists Dr. Eric Ashkin, Dr. Aliya Poshni and Dr. Leslie Masiky, find out why drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes no longer just impacts you, but also your baby.

Drinking While Pregnant

The next time someone offers you a glass of wine, just politely turn it down. Why? Because alcohol can pass through the placenta to your developing fetus. The blood alcohol level of a fetus increases much more than the mother’s and can last much longer. This means that the damage done by alcohol can be severe enough to cause issues such as heart damage.

Besides the physical damage that can be caused by alcohol, children can also be born with learning or speech problems, and severe behavioral issues.

How Smoking Affects Your Baby

You probably already know that smoking isn’t healthy for anyone, but it’s particularly detrimental to your growing baby. Women who smoke are more than twice as likely as nonsmokers to have babies with a low birth weight, which can cause other serious health concerns. Smoking also increases your chances of an ectopic pregnancy (when the embryo implants somewhere outside the uterus, which can lead to serious complications).

Furthermore, smoking can also increase the chances of birth defects such as a cleft lip or clubfoot. So, if you need help quitting tobacco while pregnant, talk to your Rockville obstetrician about some of the best ways to ditch the habit to protect yourself and your baby.

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