Your First Prenatal Visit
By Capital Women's Care
December 18, 2015
Category: OBGYN
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Find out what to expect when you come into our office for your first prenatal visit.

If you’ve just found out you’re pregnant—congratulations! This is an exciting time in your life. Of course, this also comes with a lot of changes even before the baby comes. Now you’ll need to start scheduling routine prenatal doctor’s visits. Find out what to expect whenPrenatal Visit you come in for your very first appointment with our Rockville, MD obstetricians Dr. Eric Ashkin, Dr. Aliya Poshni, and Dr. Leslie B. Masiky.

Most first prenatal visits should happen at about eight weeks after your last menstrual cycle. Even if this isn’t your first pregnancy these visits are vitally important. Prepare yourself for the first visit taking longer than subsequent visits. During this checkup in Rockville, come with any questions you may have regarding your health, pregnancy, and birthing plans.

You should also provide a list of medications and supplements you are taking along with any allergies, previous hospitalizations, and your family’s medical history. During this prenatal visit, we will also perform a physical exam that may include performing a pap smear, checking blood pressure and running an ultrasound. If you have been experiencing any bleeding or cramping, it’s important that you let us know.

We will also draw blood to test for a variety of potential health problems such as Hepatitis B, Sickle Cell, HIV, STDs, as well as look at your hemoglobin levels and check your Rh Factor and blood type to see if it’s compatible with your baby’s.

There are a million questions or topics to address when it comes to your pregnancy. During your visit, we will most likely discuss these other issues (feel free to come in with questions about any of these topics or more!):

  • Dental care
  • Handling your pets while pregnant
  • Traveling
  • Prenatal supplements
  • Diet and exercise
  • Labor and delivery plans

There are so many questions that can arise during pregnancy, but luckily you have our OBGYNs at Capital Women's Health in Rockville to help make your pregnancy an easy and healthy one. Schedule your first prenatal appointment with us today!