How PrimeSuite and PrimeRCM Have Helped Us
By Capital Women's Care
October 07, 2014
Category: OBGYN

Our advanced technology has allowed us to create a medical practice we’re proud of!

Not many people think about it, but a lot of time and effort goes into opening a medical practice. In 2012, our very own Dr. Eric Ashkin had a plan. He was already working at a small physician’s group for about eight years and was ready to embark on his own medical mission: he wanted to open a smaller obstetric and gynecological practice. Drs. Aliya Poshni, MD and Leslie Masiky, MD were quick to jump on board, interested in providing quality care in a more intimate and responsive setting. And so in 2012, Capital Women's Health was officially born. OBGYN


Starting a Business

However, a lot goes into opening and running a business and our team needed a way to organize and record patient files that everyone would be able to quickly access and utilize. Luckily, the doctors at our office were already well versed on Greenway’s PrimeSUITE electronic health record and practice management solution. It’s seemed like a no-brainer then that our office would use this same program.

The Advantages of Greenway Health’s Systems

When Dr. Ashkin talked with Greenway Health about setting up this system at their office, the company also recommended bundling the software with another product, PrimeRCM. And together, these systems were easy and fast to employ, making it even simpler to assist our patients without any problems. We highly recommend these systems to other medical offices. We can’t believe how easy it was to implement. And to this day, this system still affords us the opportunity to offer our patients the best care possible.

Here are some of the most important things PrimeSUITE and PrimeRCM did to help us out:

  • Submit prescriptions electronically
  • Setup clinical alerts for when patients should come in for their visits
  • Easy-to-find diagnosis, claims, and patient history
  • Makes coding for ICD-10 (the medical disease classification list) easier

How does this help you, the patient?

So you may wonder where you factor into this equation. Through the use of both of these systems we are able to quickly submit prescriptions online to your local pharmacy so you can take care of that infection right away.
Our system also alerts us to clinical reminders so that we can set you up with preventive care and disease management appointments (no matter how busy our schedule gets, this system will let us know that your health takes precedent).
Billing can also be a stressful issue for patients. No one likes dealing with billing errors or getting a bill in the mail months after treatment. But with these systems in place, you won’t have to worry about that. PrimeRCM speeds up the patient statement process, so you can handle your bill soon.
If it’s time to setup an appointment with our office, give us a call. And if you just have questions about our software, feel free to ask us anytime. We would love to talk about our technology with you!