Advantages of the da Vinci Surgical System
By Capital Women's Care
March 20, 2015
Category: OBGYN

The da Vinci Surgical System puts robotic technology in a surgeon's capable hands.

There was a time when surgeries usually meant considerable pain, large scars and a long period of downtime afterward. These "open" surgeries required a space large enough accommodate a surgeon's hands and instruments, which could cause trauma to other parts of the body and leave the area susceptible to infection. More and more, surgical procedures are becoming minimally invasive, meaning that the incisions are smaller and the recovery time is much shorter than that of open surgery. While certain procedures still require traditional surgery methods, many gynecological procedures at Capital Women's Health can now be performed with a da Vinci Surgical System.

How it works

The da Vinci system, which was approved for medical use in 2000, has revolutionized laparoscopic surgery. It allows surgeons to execute microscopic procedures using three or four robotic "arms" and "hands." These devices hold instruments that perform an operation while the doctor looks into a monitor and operates the controls manually. The doctor's movements are transferred to the da Vinci's instruments, which allow for miniscule actions and a much greater range of motion than humans are capable of performing. Instead of a large incision, several tiny notches are strategically made on the abdomen. It is important to remember that a surgeon's skill is required for the da Vinci to function - it is not capable of performing any tasks without a trained professional at the helm.

Why it's used

There are a number of gynecological procedures that the da Vinci is designed to carry out. Women who suffer from uterine fibroids or endometriosis can benefit from surgical removal. Partial and full hysterectomies are also possible using the da Vinci, with much less post-operative discomfort, scarring and recovery time. As with any minimally invasive procedure, there is much less need for blood transfusions because the blood loss is greatly reduced.

Most women are candidates for da Vinci surgery; your consultation with your Rockville gynecologist will help make the determination. Call today for an appointment to discuss your options for surgery at Capital Women's Health.